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The primary goal of the RKC Instrument office in the USA is to serve the North and South American industrial markets. RKC America supports RKC authorized distributors throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America. Please contact us for the name of the local supplier in your area. To better meet the demands of customers in a diverse range of industries, RKC engineers in the South Bend location will aid in the design and customization of product.

Popular Products
Multi-loop Controller [ Temperature controller ] MA900 and MA901
Blue Mark Mult-loop Controller [ Temperature ] MA900 and MA901

MA900 is the temperature controller of the 4 channels.
MA901 is the temperature controller of the 8 channels.
  • Compact 1/4 DIN size.
  • Multi-memory area
  • Heat/Cool action (Only MA900)
  • Digital contact input
  • Various alarm functions
  • Close horizontal mounting

Module type digital temperature controller SRZ Series
Blue Mark Module Type Controller [ Process / Temperature ] SRZ Series
 The SRZ (Z-TIO) is 4 channels digital temperature controller packed one compact module.
Z-TIO (4 channels type) module can have 4 CT (current transformer) inputs. 3-phase heater can be monitored by allocating two CTs to one control channel.
Modules can be remotely distributed by connecting them via RS-485 communication. Up to 16 Z-TIO (128 DIs) and 16 Z-DIO (128 DOs) modules can be connected to one serial communication line by distributed installation.
The maximum number of modules connected by distributed installation is 31 modules.
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