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Corporate History
1937 RKC Instrument began business.
1946 Bimetal type Temperature Controller for bake oven.
Surface Thermometer "HP-9"
1949 FIRE ALARM (Thermocouple type)
1952 Vacuum tube type Temperature Controller "PV-1"
1957 Transistor type Temperature Controller "PV-7"
1968 Resin Pressure Sensor "CZ-1P"
1969 Export start of products.
1978 An energy-saving type Heat/Cool PID Temperature Controller "MD-51" and "MF-51"
These products contributed to energy conservation.
1980 Ramp/Soak Controller "PS-48"
1982 The first to offer PID with Autotune with the release of our first microprocessor based control. "REX-C1000"
1983 Multiloop Temperature Controller "REX-Z2000"
Integrate HBA into a controller "DBH-480"
DIN 48mm square Temperature Controller "MC1"
1987 Received an award from the Minister of Science and Technology.
1994 Multiloop Control System "FAREX SR Mini"
1997 ISO9001 registered
1999 High Resolution Temperature Controller "REX-F9000"
2001 Incorporated as a RKC AMERICA (dba RKC INSTRUMENT).
ISO14001 registered
2002 High Speed Sampling Controller "SRX" and "HA900, HA400"
Module Type Controller "SRV"
SCR Power Controller "THV-1"
2004 Hand Held Digital Thermometer "DP-700"
High Performance Temperature Controller "FB900, FB400"
2005 Chart Recorder "SBR-EW100, SBR-EW180"
2006 Module Type Temperature Controller "SRZ"
2009 Ramp / Sork Controller "PF900"
2011 1-channel Type Temperature Controller with Built-in SSR "SB1"

REX-Z2000 REX-C1000
REX-Z2000 REX-C1000
OPC-H SR Mini HG REX-F9000 MC1
SR Mini HG REX-F9000 MC1
HA900, HA400 SRX SRV
HA900, HA400 SRX SRV
DP-700 THV-1 FB900, FB400 SBR-EW100, SBR-EW180
DP-700 THV-1 FB900, FB400 SBR-EW100, 180

RKC provides worldwide sales and support.
In addition to our many engineering feats, we attribute our growth and success to the company mission that "Quality comes First".